Composite WPC Finishing Accessories

We offer a varied range of Composite Decking WPC Finishing Accessories to compliment your Composite Decking project.

All of our Composite Finishing products are very easy to clean using a stiff brush and soapy water or low pressure jet washer.

They require No sanding or staining, so maintenance is kept to a minimum.

They add that final touch of Finesse to your installation.

All of our Rockwood Composite Finishing Accessories are available in Black / Charcoal Grey, Light Grey / Stone Grey, Graphite Grey / Dark Grey, Dark Brown / Coffee / Chocolate, Brown Red / Teak / Red Cedar and Forest Green / Olive Green Colours.

All Rockwood Composite WPC products are Fire Retardent and FSC Certified.

Content: Recycled Wood (60%), Recycled Plastic (30%) and Addititves (10%)(UV Stabiliser, Colourants etc)