Black Composite Decking Joist – 2.2m Long


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Black Composite Decking Joist – 2.2m Long

This Black / Charcoal Composite Decking Joist is 2.2m in length and is manufactured from a combination of Recycled Wood and Recycled Plastic.

It is a Hollow Style Profile, the dimensions are 50mm x 30mm and each 2.2m Composite Joist weighs approximately 2.64Kgs

Composite Decking Joists are simply fixed down to a solid concrete raft or an old and level slabbed area to give a long lasting supporting structure.

Joists play a vital role in the stability and durability of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking installations. Acting as the support framework beneath the decking boards, joists bear the weight of the deck and any additional load it may carry, such as furniture or foot traffic.

When installing WPC decking, attention to detail in joist placement and fastening is essential for long-term performance. Proper ventilation and adequate clearance from the ground further enhance the durability of the entire decking system. Overall, the quality and proper installation of joists are fundamental elements in creating a robust and enduring WPC decking structure, capable of withstanding the elements and providing years of enjoyment.

The fixings for this are readily available on this Web Shop.

All Rockwood Composite WPC products are Fire Retardant and FSC Certified.

Colour: Black / Charcoal

Length: 2.2m

Profile: 50mm x 30mm

Weight: 2.64Kg

Content: Recycled Wood (60%), Recycled Plastic (30%) and Additives (10%)(UV Stabilizer, Colourants etc)

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Weight 2.64 kg